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The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly

May 2004 – Number 122


In This Issue
Society News


Russell and Wittgenstein: A Study in Civility and Arrogance
Justin Leiber

Letter to the Editor, Time Magazine, September 28, 1942
Bertrand Russell

Russell on Monistic Theory
Jane Duran


Dr. Ramendra Nath, M.N. Roy’s New Humanism and Materialism
Phil Ebersole

Peter Denton, The ABC of Armageddon: Bertrand Russell on Science, Religion, and the Next War, Chad Trainer


Reply to Klement
Arthur Sullivan

End Matter

Report on the 3rd Early Analytic Philosophy Conference, by Gregory Landini
Rustlings!, Treasurer’s Report, GRRS

On the Cover: Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Cambridge, 1929.

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