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The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly

August 2004 – Number 123


In This Issue
Society News


From Acquuantaince to Neutral Monism: Russell’s Theory of Cognition
Iva Apostolova

How the Russell Papers Came to McMaster
Nicholas Griffin

Review Essay

Bertrand Russell and the Cold War: Orwell’s List
Jack M. Clontz

Letter to the (London) Times
Bertrand Russell


Review of Boise, David Folwell, Rattlestick Theater, NYC
Thom Weidlich

End Matter

Report from the BRPF
BRS Annual Board Meeting Minutes, Rustlings!, Treasurer’s Report, GRRS

Cover: Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), Cambridge, 1929

Copyright 2004. All rights remain with contributors.