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Thanks for taking the time to visit Band-Aides and Blackboards. The stars on this page will take you to pages designed for adults, as well as to the table of contents for children. There's a child in each of us, so I hope that you'll visit some of those pages as well. I'm interested in your critique and any suggestions you might have for improving Band-Aides and Blackboards...

Intro for adultsIntroduction...For Adults Come learn what these pages are all about. They have expanded over the past few years to respond to your requests.

Parental permissionParental permissionI'd like your permission for children to share their stories, pictures and e-mail addresses on my site. Hope that you'll think it's a good idea.

Band-Aides and blackboards?Band-Aides and Blackboards? The words are metaphors for my take on serious illnesses and disabilities in childhood. This essay explains why I chose them. 

A search for silver liningsA search for silver linings A collection of poignant and funny stories about children with medical problems. 

What's important to you?What's important to you? What have you learned along the way that would be helpful for others. Share it here.

About sibling relationshipsAbout sibling relationships A father shares some wisdom about siblings and the influence of serious illness on them.

Through the eyes of a siblingThrough the eyes of a sibling A mother shares how her son viewed the illness of his brother, and reminds that we need to pay attention to the world through the eyes of children.

Hospital orientationHospital orientation Parents have asked for such an orientation. Contains many pages with a focus on honesty, parenting, anger, guilt, sadness, fear, and the people you'll meet.

Adults remember whenAdults remember when Stories from adults who grew up with serious medical problems. Important perspectives.

ImageryImageryThis is the first of three pages of imagery I did for children having tough times. Use the fantasies to help your kids relax and cope with stress.

Advice from a parentAdvice from a parent Debbie writes about raising a daughter with disabilities

Advice from a parentAbout assumptions Shanon writes about the danger of making assumptions when children present with hidden disabilities like Chronic Fatigue Syndroms

Thanks for your lettersFinding Nemo, finding a hero Lisa writes about  some  ah-ha experiences she  had as she was  watching "Finding Nemo"  and thinking about the challenges of parenting children with chronic illnesses (she has two with cystic fibrosis). Her article refers to the value of a  "love and logic" approach with children. A good read!

Intro: Sally goes to schoolIntro..."Sally Goes To School" The introduction to a story I wrote that incorporates much data from children.

The lowdown on teasingThe lowdown on teasing Some excellent links to other web pages. Come back to visit my pages on teasing (sitemap) when you finish visiting theirs.

Experts share their tipsExperts share their tips Children have a clear sense of what works for them and what makes them crazy. They share their perceptions on this collection of pages.

Classroom activitiesClassroom activities Annotated links for teachers to related web resources and to a "sampler" collection of pages from Band-Aides.

Tips on copingTips on coping A dad shares  strategies for coping with the reactions of others to his multi-handicapped youngster.

Lynn's advice for parenting children with serious medical conditionsMore advice from a parent Lynn's hints for parenting children with serious medical conditions.

Lynn's advice for parenting children with serious medical conditionsThe need to fly Reflections from a mother about a child's need for independence, regardless of medical status.

Onward to the children's pagesAbout inclusion A wonderful letter from a teacher about her experience with having an older child with CP in her classroom of 5-6 yr olds.

Resources for teachersResources for teachers about children with medical challenges

The stars are shiningThe stars are shining! This is a page of awards that the site has received. I accept them on behalf of all of the child and teen experts who so generously shared their stories.

Thanks for your lettersThanks for your letters A number of pages of letters received about Band-Aides. Hope you'll let me know what you think.

Onward to the children's pagesOnward to the children's pages. Come on...go on over for a visit. You'll find their stories absolutely wonderful!

Thanks for your lettersThe power of belief A Child Life Specialist shares her experience working with a child in a coma, and calls on us all to be active in communicating with those experiencing  decreased levels of consciousness

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