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When Chronic Illness...or Some Other Medical Problem...
Goes to School

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Welcome to my pad. I get around by jumping from star to star. Sorry, but unless you're a frog, you'll have to try a different approach. Here's an idea. If you tap the little stars with your pointer, they'll take you to all sorts of riveting places. This frog's got places to go!

So what's this all about?So what's this all about?
Introduction...Why do kids get sick?...Tell your story on Band-Aides...

To tell or not to tellTo tell...or not to tell
Invisible band-aides...ghosts...blackboard secrets...a treasure hunt.

All about teasingAll about teasing...
Meet the teasebusters...hard to believe...hints about teasing...teasing links...the game of life...the conversation... a tip from some twins...rubber balls bounce

Lots of storiesLots of stories!
Stories from the experts...from brothers and sisters..."Sally goes to school"..."The nurse's great idea"...Stories from other frog ponds.

Hospital tour guidesHospital tour guides
Come meet some kids in the hospital who want to tell you what it's like.

Just clowning aroundJust clowning around
If you're stuck in the hospital, here are some silly things to do to pass the time. Hope that you'll send me ideas for some more.

Bodies, minds and mixupsBodies, minds, and mixups
All about your body and what happens when things don't work right...questions and answers...calm down...the scavenger hunt.

A daydream for sick kidsA daydream for sick kids
A dolphin daydream complete with music to help you when you're sick.

Seth and his imaginationYarden and his imagination
Another make-believe story to use when you feel down in the dumps.

Hospital pranksPranks you can play in the hospital
Or anywhere else for that matter. It can get pretty boring while you're healing from some medical problem. These pranks will help stir things up.

Tell me what you thinkTell me what you think
Your chance to write to me about Band-Aides...

To the sitemapTo the sitemap
This is a page that contains links to all of the sections of the website. There's so much to choose from!

starTo a page of poetry
                                        If you have to put up with having a medical problem, there's
            nothing like a poem to explain it to others!


Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N.
Associate Professor of Nursing, Lehman College, CUNY
Bronx, New York 10468

Last updated: March 23, 2009