Teaching resources, chronic illness
This page of resources was developed for teachers and school nurses so that they might better support students who come to school with significant medical problems. Finding appropriate links was indeed a search for needles in the haystack of the web. I hope that you'll be pleased with the glistening needles in this collection; needles that might serve as templates for the development of protocols for other diseases and disabilities. Please let me know if you come across any other resources that should be included. 

ADDA teacher's guide to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Instructions to children: ADD/ADHDGiving instructions to children with ADD/ADHD 

Instructions to children: ADD/ADHDWhat teachers should know about ADD/ADHD

Tips for teachers of students with ADDEducational rights for children with ADHD

Managing food allergies in the classroomManaging food allergies in the classroom

Peanut allergy: what you need to knowPeanut allergy: what you need to know

A teacher's guide to asthmaA teacher's guide to asthma 

How asthma friendly is your school?How asthma friendly is your school? 

Asthma and schoolManaging asthma in the school environment

Attachment disorders
A teacher's guide to asthmaGreat teacher's guide

Autism spectrum disorders
A handbook for teachersClassroom modifications for the autistic student

A handbook for teachersBehavioral issues for students with autism

A handbook for teachersAn autism primer for teachers

Behavioral Problems
Behavior management for teachersBehavior management strategies that work

Educating students with visual impairmentsIncluding students with visual impairments 

Educating students with visual impairmentsImportant changes in the law

Children with cancer:educational implicationsChildren with cancer: educational implications

Childhood leukemia: school issuesChildhood leukemia, school issues

Central auditory processing disorder
Central auditory processing defectsClassroom adaptations

Cerebral palsy
A handbook for teachersWhat the teacher should know 

Crohn's disease
A handbook for teachersA teacher's guide to Crohn's disease

A handbook for teachersThe complicated life of kids with Crohn's

A handbook for teachersMore about Crohns and other inflammatory bowel diseases

Chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome
Educational implicationsEducational rights, responsibilities and options

Educational implicationsTips for teachers

Educational implicationsTeaching students with disabilities

Cystic fibrosis
Teacher's guide to cystic fibrosisTeacher's guide to cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis resourcesCystic fibrosis resources

School Bill of Rights for children with diabetesSchool bill of rights for children with diabetes

Information for teachers about diabetesInformation for teachers about diabetes

Information for school children about diabetesInformation for school children about diabetes

Dealing with a variety of disabilitiesDealing with a invisible disabilities

Down Syndrome
Teaching strategies, Down SyndromeTeaching strategies

Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Dealing with a variety of disabilitiesA teacher's guide to Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Dealing with a variety of disabilitiesDMD links for teachers

Death and dying

Dealing with a variety of disabilitiesSpeaking to young children about death and dying

Discussing death with childrenDiscussing death with children

School resourcesSchool alert (excellent free resources)

Health promotion
School guidelines to promote healthy eatingSchool guidelines to promote lifelong healthy eating

Hearing impairments
School guidelines to promote healthy eatingClassroom strategies

School guidelines to promote healthy eatingTeaching students with hearing impairments

Books to help hearing children understand deafnessBooks to help hearing children understand deafness

Heart disease
Educating students with cardiac conditionsEducating students with cardiac conditions

The student with hemophiliaA primer about hemophilia

Education of children with HIV infectionsTeaching plan: HIV

Education of children with HIV infectionsGuidelines for working with children with HIV infections in schools

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
Information for teachers about juvenile rheumatoid arthritisSchool success for children with juvenile arthritis 

Questions and answersQuestions and answers

Legal issues
Questions and answersIDEA, things you should know

Questions and answersSection 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Medication side effects: most common drugs200 most common drugs

Medical information about specific diseases
From School Health Alert newslettersFrom "School Health Alert" newsletters

Pediatric data baseData base of diseases. Very comprehensive 

Moebius syndrome
A letter to my teacherA letter to my teacher

Muscular dystrophy
A teacher's guide to Duchenne muscular dystrophyDuchenne muscular dystrophy: learning new ways to learn

Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD)
A teacher's guide OCDA teacher's guide to educating children with OCD

Psychiatric drugs
Psychiatric drugs: a teacher's guideA teacher's guide to psycho-pharmocological medications

Resources for the classroom
Special Kids in School Series of BooksThe special kids in school series (commercial, but worthwhile)

Sexuality and children with disabilities
Special Kids in School Series of BooksSexuality and youth with visual impairments: the classroom and beyond

Sickle cell disease
Management of children with sickle cell diseaseManagement of children with sickle cell disease

Sleep disorders
Management of children with sickle cell diseaseSleep, bedwetting, and all sorts of helpful information

Spina bifida/hydrocephalus

A manual for school nursesA manual for school nurse: managing bowel dysfunction

Stuttering in schoolHelping the child who stutters in school

Tourette's syndrome
Stuttering in schoolClassroom resources, homework strategies

Troubled children: troubled homes
How teachers can helpHow teachers can help develop resiliency

Typing with one hand
A primer for teachers and studentsA primer for teachers and students who require such adaptation

A primer for teachers and studentsUveitis, a guide for teachers and parents

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