Congratulations to all of the children and teens around the world...the experts of 'Band-Aides'. In sharing their lives, they really earned these awards!

You didn't forget us!
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      Selection of the week 

Pick of the Week for 
3/15 - 3/22, 1999
Band-Aides has been featured in the June/July issue of "the top ten educational sites on the WWW"

Netscape Site of the day in  three countries ...
This is one great resource for kids with diabetes.
The mining company  sent this award to recognize the experts on Band-Aides...
Thanks to the sea lord!
A hot site, a cool site...what could be next?
Out of the darkness...into the light
A site of the week
National Organization 
for Rare Disorders
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
Too hot to touch with your bare hands.
so I'm a little what?
Award...resources for nurses and families

Band-Aides... judged as one of the best 3,000 sites of interest for New Zealanders. It has been reviewed and included in the summer 1999 edition of
The Internet Phone Book
Women in Technology Award
There's just nothing like a teddy bear!
Thanks to the Pediatric Medical Community
Wow, the top 25 sites in the world for July? Really?
God bless you, Achoo!
  Achoo's site of the week

Consumer Health
             April 3, 1997
Thanks a lot!
Thanks to kidswithcancer!
The SuperSite for Kids...Come Visit! has adopted band-aides

Semi-finalist GII awards, 
November, 1998

Selection of the week award

        Hospital tour 
Thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center for awarding me a "teaching tolerance" grant. The money allowed the purchase of a videocamera for use in this project. The hospital tour owes its life to their generosity! Hope that you'll go for a visit.
Who's the leader of this pack?

Selected for inclusion in The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages
Thanks for the honor
   Top best of the best awards
This is awesome indeed! The editor's choice...
 Top 5% in k-12 education, they write! 

Selected as one of the 'best of the Internet' sites by Suite 101 from Canada
Come for a visit

Pediatric Endocrinology 
Nursing Society site of the month, November, 1998

Biomedical Resource

Pick of the day, January 4, 1999

Featured in the New York Times  Summer, 1998
Featured in the Wall Street Journal on 12/23/98
Thanks for the recognition
February, 1999
Featured site, Family Education Network  February, 1999


Thanks for the recognition
April, 1999
Thanks a lot!
Thanks for the recognition!
June, 1999
July, 1999

August, 1999

Thanks for the recognition
Featured site on Copernicus
June 24, 1999
July, 1999

Community Learning Network
November 8, 1999

Finalist, GII awards
November, 1999
Thanks for the recognition
December, 1999
Featured article, Stamford Advocate, November, 1999
    (carried nationally)
 Featured article, 
Connecticut Post, October, 1999
Winner of the computer-based community education award, Sigma Theta Tau International, November, 1999
Thanks a lot!
December, 1999
Childnet International
1st Prize, Individual Category
April 28, 2000

January, 2000
USA Today Hot Spot
January 18, 2000
Thanks a lot
March 2, 2000


School Zone, UK
Site of the Day
January 27, 2000

May, 2000

April 29, 2000

July, 2000


August, 2000

December, 2000


January, 2001
Edupuppy award (education site)
March, 2001
Featured article about site
January 10, 2001

Article about Band-Aides in the April, 2001 edition of the American Journal of Nursing
Finalist, Stockholm Challenge


May, 2001

Web Award, International Association of Webmasters
International Association of Webmasters
April, 2001
Kid friendly site

May 24, 2001

January 23, 2003
Goodhousekeeping site of the day

November 19, 2001

American Library Association Great websites for kids 
                                                                                  September, 2002
August, 2003
BandAides and Blackboards awarded the Children's Hospice International's 
Charles A. Corr Award for Literature
February, 2004

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