Our upcoming commencement ceremony is fast approaching! To ensure that the day runs smoothly and successfully, we seek volunteers from our esteemed college administration to assist in various tasks throughout the day.

Staff Volunteering

For any Staff contemplating participating in this event, please note that this event is outside your work responsibilities. As such a COMP TIME approval form will have to be submitted along with this event. Denny Santos, the commencement chair,  and the Designated Administrator for this event. Once a form is submitted, I will sign off the form and will take care of submitting it to HR on your behalf. Along with submitting the Comp time form, you will also have to fill out the Volunteer form to note your task preferences. 


COMP Time Submission Folder

Student Volunteers DO NOT have to fill out the comp-time form.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to interact with our graduating students, their families and friends, and other members of our college community. This is a wonderful chance to be a part of this joyous occasion and make a meaningful impact.

Volunteer Form

 There are several volunteer opportunities available, including:

  • Card Distribution: The week before the ceremony, Provide Graduates with their QR code Cards, which will be used during commencement. This job occurs.
  • Student Robing/Line up: Assist Students with Organizing themselves with their robes and provide direction to March for their processional.
  • Student Processional from Southfield to stage: Help our Graduates Transition from their seats to the stage and back to their seat
  • Program Distribution/Campus Navigation: Distribute programs and help attendees secure seating on the Southfield to ensure guest are in the correct locations.
  • Southfield Crowd Control: Help manage the flow of graduates into their seats for the ceremony and help latecomers find sitting locations.
  • General Admission/Gates Personnel: Assist with ticketing at the gates. Scan guest tickets at various gates to allow a steady flow to experience the event. 
  • Commencement Central: Provide information and assistance to attendees, answer questions, and direct individuals to their desired locations.


We appreciate any and all help that you can provide. Please complete the form below to provide us with information on which opportunity you would prefer.