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Lawrence Fauntleroy, Director

Lawrence FauntleroyLawrence Fauntleroy, spent over 20 years as a seasoned Healthcare IT professional and is a leading experiential learning advocate. As the previous Director of the CUNY 2X Tech Talent Pipeline at Lehman College, he's connected 200+ students to tech and software engineer careers. Beyond tech, he spearheads the Upskilling initiative and the Blackstone LaunchPad and is implementing the Suitable platform. As the Experiential Director at Lehman's School of Business, his priorities are at the forefront of academics and industry and ensuring business majors experience real-world applications. He holds degrees in Business, Psychology and a master's in Organizational Leadership from Lehman. He is also the proud President of the Lehman College Alumni Association.

Mission Statement: At Lehman College's School of Business, we integrate practical hands-on business concepts with rigorous academic instruction. Through our experiential learning initiative, students gain hands-on knowledge of cutting-edge business concepts and principles. We cultivate students with proficient foundational business tenets equipped with invaluable on-the-ground business experience.

Vision Statement: A future where education meets action. The School of Business will consistently equip its students with real-world experiences that set them apart in the digital age.


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Bridging Academia and Industry

Lawrence Fauntleroy (School of Business) talks to Elena Agaragimova about how theory and practice are key in experiential learning. Fauntleroy also shares how–as a two-time alum–he returned to Lehman and became the Director of Experiential Learning.


Introducing LEAP!

Exciting news for the School of Business community! This Fall 2023, we introduced LEAP (Learn, Empower, Ascend, Progress) Program to all our majors in the School of Business. This is a co-curricular program of activities that is designed to equip the School of Business majors with NACE competencies, with a focus on developing leadership, professionalism, and career readiness in the 2023-24 academic year. LEAP program is driven using Suitable, a mobile-friendly platform that will also be used to monitor and track our students’ competency progression, from introduction to mastery, while it also allows them to share their achievements and badge gained through sites like LinkedIn. By integrating experiential learning through Suitable, our students can build a powerful narrative of their time at the School of Business while becoming prepared for their pursuit of professional goals.

Blackstone LaunchpadBlackstone LaunchPadDedicated to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and empowering students to turn their innovative ideas into successful enterprises, this program gives access to well-established startup resources and a robust network of experienced mentors and advisors. This past academic year, twenty-five finalists (mostly school of business students) pitched their concepts or startup businesses, with the winners receiving $20,000 in prizes, seed capital, and stipends. 


Bloomberg Marketing ConceptBloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certification: The School’s Bloomberg Finance and Business Lab with 16 terminals is in full use now. Starting last semester, all finance majors taking Principles of Finance (BBA 207), are required to become BMC certified. During 22-23, more than 150 School of Business students have achieved that goal.

DentsuDENTSU Partnership: This partnership with preeminent marketing and advertising agency DENTSU, continued for a second year, exposing students to panel sessions that deliver invaluable insights into contemporary trends and best practices within the marketing industry. On April 19 2023, Professor Sanders’ marketing class hosted a talk on “Front lines of Digital Marketing World” by a DENTSU speaker and a School of Business alumna, Maria Pascual. 


CUNY Futures Logo CUNY Futures in Finance (FIF): Lehman is one of three CUNY campuses working in partnership with financial firms Bloomberg LP, Centerbridge Partners and Goldman Sachs to support and prepare students interested in careers within the financial services and investment industry. The CUNY FIF team organized several on-site visits for students to expand their understanding of the finance and investment industry and provide them with networking opportunities which included visits to First Eagle Investments, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, just to name a few.

CUNY FIF is now enrolling 100 School of Business students, including 25 freshmen for a Fellowship program that will deepen support for to become well-equipped for internships and full-time opportunities. This year-long program offers students exclusive access to industry professionals, career coaches, job-related resources, and networking opportunities.

Experiential Learning Opportunities


Lawrence Fauntleroy, Director
E-mail: lawrence.fauntleroy@lehman.cuny.edu