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The Department of Accounting offers two undergraduate degrees, B.S. and B.A. in accounting and one graduate degree, M.S. in accounting (M.S.A.).

With a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, the students will develop a portfolio of competencies which include preparation of financial statements, tracking financial performance and developing strategic information management skills. These are relevant and in extremely high demand in the economy (refer to What Can I Do With Accounting?).

Many of our undergraduate B.S. accounting students continue on to the M.S.A. Degree in order to meet the educational requirements to be licensed as a C.P.A. Typically, the students complete the two degrees (B.S. and M.S.A.) in 5 to 6 years.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Accounting – 120 credits degree program, with 42 credits earned towards the major, at the School of Business. This degree is for students who are interested in accounting but may not have the intention of becoming a C.P.A. This program emphasizes a broader liberal arts education and allows students to complete a major in accounting (with fewer accounting and business credits than traditional B.S. in accounting). As a result, the B.A. degree in accounting allows students to gain liberal arts education and at the same time become vested in a very relevant and career-oriented area. In this program, students to learn about financial statements, track financial performance and use such data to manage activities.

As this degree is designed as a liberal arts degree while focusing on accounting, additional coursework would be required for B.A. students who want to become licensed as a C.P.A.

For the specific 42 credits major requirements to earn the B.A. in Accounting degree follow this link – B.A. in Accounting Major Requirements

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Bachelor of Science in Accounting B.S. - 120 credits degree program, with 63 credits earned towards the major, at the School of Business. This major is more traditional, and is for students who are interested in becoming C.P.A.s. It places a greater emphasis on accounting topics. This allows students to become more vested and familiar with the use of accounting data. In this degree, students are expected to become familiar with general accounting principles, use accounting for planning and strategic decision making, learn about the audit function and become vested in individual and corporate taxation.

Lehman’s B.S. in accounting prepares students for entry level positions in audit, corporate and non-for-profit accounting and tax. This degree meets the requirements to be accepted into Lehman’s M.S. in accounting program.  The Lehman M.S.A. program is registered with New York State as meeting the educational requirements to be licensed as a C.P.A. in the state.

For the specific 63 credits major requirements to earn the B.A. in Accounting degree follow this link – B.S. in Accounting Major Requirements

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Master of Science in Accounting (M.S.A) – 30 credits earned toward program, at the School of Business. This degree offers coursework concentrated in accounting which is designed for students interested in pursuing career opportunities in public, industry, governmental and nonprofit accounting. Students who complete this program and earn their degree in Accounting will have completed all of the educational requirements to be licensed as a CPA in New York State.

For the specific 30 credits major requirements to earn the M.S. in Accounting degree follow this link – M.S. in Accounting Course Requirements

To be admitted to the M.S.A. program, applicants must have completed the undergraduate degree (B.S.) in accounting or its equivalent, meet the 3.0 GPA requirement, and submit the application materials. Students graduating with Lehman’s B.S. in Accounting (or its equivalent from other universities) meet the coursework requirement for M.S.A. admission. Students holding undergraduate degrees in a field other than accounting or accounting degrees not equivalent to Lehman's B.S. in Accounting can still gain admission to the M.S.A. program by completing the missing coursework, prior to applying. See Graduate Bulletin for required courses to be considered for admission to the M.S.A program.

Students with Lehman’s B.A. in Accounting who wish to apply to the M.S.A. program can meet the prerequisite requirements by completing the missing coursework equivalent to B.S. in Accountancy.  All of the undergraduate prerequisite courses must be completed before applying to the M.S.A. program.

Students from other CUNY schools are encouraged to check Transfer Explorer to for equivalences of courses to our B.S. prior to applying to the M.S. Program. We would be happy to assist such students in this process, please contact us for further details.

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Start your application by following this link -  Graduate admission

Fall Admission Deadline:

  • Priority Decision: Deadline (first look): April 15
  • RegularDecision: Deadline: May 15
  • Final Deadline: June 15

Spring Admission deadline:

  • Priority Decision: Deadline (first look): October 15
  • RegularDecision: Deadline: November 15
  • Final Deadline: December 15



In addition to our majors, we provide the opportunities of students to purse minors in the following areas from the School of Business. These minors are available to both accounting and non-accounting students.

For further information how to declare a major and/or minor, please click here.

Thank you once more for your interest in our programs, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. We are here to assist you on your academic journey and career path.