Highlights of CityArts
projects in the Bronx:

Rose Viggiano
The Elements,1992
acrylic mural
1506 Walton Avenue
Mayor's Office

Nicky Enright
Nils Folke Anderson

Living on Mars,2000
C.E.S. 64
1425 Walton Avenue
NASA Art Program, NASA Astrobiology

Tabo Toral
Aim High, Stop the Violence, 1992
1435 University Avenue, Bldg. 5
Mayor's Office

Christopher Janney
Sonic Pass Blue,1999
Academic Computer Center

William Cordero
Recycle the Planet, 1992
823 Hunts Point Avenue
Mayor's Office

Bill Moakler
Longfellow Mural, 1992
1496 Longfellow Avenue
Mayor's Office

Inez Andrucyk
Destiny, 1992
817 East 180th Street
Mayor's Office



William Walsh

You are Here, 1992
1815 Davidson Avenue
Mayor's Office

David Kampmann &
Stephanie Basch
Eagle's Nest, Tree of Life, 1992
1879 Clinton Avenue
Mayor's Office

Mark Smith
Displacement and Replacement in the Bronx: The Paths of Dominion 1991
2120 Mapes Avenue
Mayor's Office

CityArts, Inc., established in 1968, is a non-profit organization that has served the diverse communities of New York City through the promotion and support of site-specific works of art - many of these collaborative efforts between the artists and the local community residents. CityArts, Inc. is responsible for the creation of over 200 works of public art in a wide variety of materials and range from murals to mosaics and sculptures. Today CityArts, Inc. continues its tradition of youth education, fostering positive creative activities in under-served communities, and participating in urban neighborhood revitalization.