1425 Walton Ave.

Big Hands:
Nicky Enright and
Nils Folke Anderson
Living on Mars, 2000
14' x 550' mural
CityArts, Inc. in collaboration with New Settlement (American Museum of Natural History, The Universities Space Research Association, and The Planetary Society), with NASA's Art Program and the NASA Astrobiology Institute

One of the largest murals in New York City, Living on Mars stretches over 7,000 square feet and depicts the hope-filled dreams and aspirations of students at C.E.S. 64. Images of fantastic alien life-forms, robots, human explorers, and spacecrafts dance across a myriad of brightly-colored landscapes that is both space and the fields of the imagination. The work was a cooperative effort between the artists and about 150 students involved in the project.

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