225th Street and
White Plains Road

Nicky Enright
Universal City, 2006
Faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit


Nicky Enright’s inspiration for the faceted glass windows at the 225th street station is the color, energy, and motion of the universe. His images evoke constellations, shooting stars, orbiting planets and moons, and brilliant sunsets, unified by the silhouette of the city. The oversize skies minimize the size of the city buildings. Playing on space and direction, he creates fragmented views, contracting the angles of the subway. The colorful glass windows offer recognizable city architecture under vibrant skies juxtaposed against the real cityscapes of the Bronx. As commuters pass through this train station, they can contemplate, if only briefly, the enormous energy, mystery and excitement of the city, and its place in the universe.

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