Gun Hill Road and
Seymour Avenue

Andrea Arroyo
Mi Sol, Mi Planeta, Mi Ciudad
(My Sun, My Planet, My City)
2006, faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit

Inspired by life in New York City where nature, diversity and the environment harmoniously interact, artist Andrea Arroyo has created a colorful faceted glass series for the Gun Hill Road Station. Portrayed in lively color, the theme of sun, planet, and city celebrates nature and humanity.  A sense of movement is conveyed by this work through the images of women holding hands, their hair flowing.  Evidence of Arroyo’s background in dance can be seen in this joyful installation that examines notions of gender, race, and identity.

As commuters move through this busy station, they can stop for a moment to concentrate on positive thoughts and energy.