West Tremont Avenue
and West 177th Street

Andrea Arroyo
Harmony I and II, 1994
cast relief sculptures,
acrylic on fiberglass
54" x 180" x 10"
New York City Board of Education Percent for Art Program

Andrea Arroyo, known for her relief paintings with lyrical figures that seem lighter than air, has created two large-scale reliefs for I.S. 206. Located about thirteen feet above the passageway, they are cast in fiberglass and painted. In Harmony I , blue, purple, and green dreaming figures with closed eyes provide a reference to the racial diversity of the school. The figures are surrounded by symbols of knowledge: the keys to understanding and harmony between all people. The mural contains references to architecture, history, chemistry, math, painting, and music.The second relief, Harmony II, symbolizes the harmony between nature and the city and depicts elements of each. Two figures, male and female, embrace the globe.

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