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The Teasebusters

An Interview at Burger King

Tap the the yellow counter and it'll play "ghostbusters" for you!

I'm Keishon! I'm Quincy I'm Tyrelle! I'm Rongell

"I think that kids tease other kids because they want to look cool. They want their friends to laugh, to think that they're funny. They don't even think of the kids getting teased." "I know that when somebody feels bad, then they want to kick the dog, you know what I mean? So the kids who feel bad about something, they're the ones who do the teasing." "I know that some kids tease because it lets everyone know that they've got the power. The more they do it, the more power they get. it's hard to tell them to get lost when they're filled with the power." "Sometimes when you see someone who looks different, it's scary. Like you might think that the same thing could happen to you. Teasing is like a magic shield for some kids. I think that it's mean."


Teasing is the Pits

"When you see somebody being a bully or teasing, the best thing to do is to just walk away, so they don't get the satisfaction."

"If you're being teased, just laugh at the teasers. They hate that! They want you to be scared or to cry."

"If you see your friends teasing other kids, don't laugh at them. Start playing ball or something so they'll join in and forget about it."

"I think that you should just diss them and tease them right back. When they tell me I've got pink lips, I tell them that they've got ugly heads. That usually stops them."

"The thing is, everybody gets teased, so you just have to blow it off and don't let it bother you. Otherwise it'll get worse."


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