Table of Contents: Teens
Thanks for taking the time to visit Band-Aides and Blackboards. The stars on this page will take you to pages designed for teens, as well as to the site map of all of the pages. I'm eager to know what you think of them, and how you think they could be improved.
starWhat's this all about? Introduction

starAny medical problems?
If you do, here are suggestions for  how to go about telling your story

starPoetry speaks truth 
Maddy's poetry, Daniella's, Jenni's and yours, should you send it my way

starStories from the front 
Forty-eight stories so far. How about making it forty-nine?

starThe good, the bad and the ugly
Reactions to having serious medical problems

starBrothers and sisters
They have something to say and a lot to teach. References to other sites as well

starThe lowdown on teasing
A number of teasing links. The kids site has a lot more on teasing, though

starExperts share their tips
Tips for parents, teachers, nurses and doctors from kids and teens

*The stars are shining! Site recognition

*Art, Photos, Essays
A collage, some essays and some excellent advice to those who look different.

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