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Taskstream & the School of Education

The Lehman College School of Education's mission is to facilitate the development of competent, caring, qualified educators. To ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills they need to become effective practitioners, and to advance assessment for learning, the School of Education adopted a web-based assessment management system called Taskstream.

Taskstream enables our students to document academic and professional development, organize and showcase their work and reflect on learning artifacts in alignment with programmatic goals, objectives and national standards.

Screen shot of the Task Stream Application

The School of Education can also focus on continuous improvement using Taskstream's data and assessment management tools.

Specifically, the system will perform the following tasks:

  • Organizes assessment data on students in our teacher education programs
  • Assists in the building and organization of ePortfolios
  • Allows students to see all requirements for a course or program in a clearly organized way
  • Allows supervisors to give quick feedback and return assignments and grades to students electronically
  • And more

All students will be required to have Taskstream accounts during student teaching, and many programs will use Taskstream for specific courses or during the entire program of study.

Screenshot of Taskstream account page

At the end of their time at Lehman College, students will have the ability to save all of the work submitted through the system to take with them as an electronic portfolio for employment or review. Students and faculty generally find Taskstream very user-friendly and easy to learn. Step-by-step instructions for all assignments and submissions are provided to students for their course or program. The Help menus on the TaskStream site are clear and useful.  Taskstream also has a toll free help line (1-800-311-5656) with many hours of availability.