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Welcome to LUTE-STEM Program

Lehman Urban Transformational Education-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (LUTE-STEM), a Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) funded by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE), is designed to prepare and support teachers in high need schools in the Bronx.

LUTE STEM LogoLUTE-STEM is Lehman’s second USDOE-sponsored urban residency program. With the overarching goal of certifying 100 culturally responsive, tech-savvy PreK-12 teachers, we are recruiting candidates who meet admission requirements for one of our master’s programs in education. Each cohort will be comprised of 25 high achieving, diverse individuals who will participate in a year-long paid residency in a high need school located in the Bronx (15+ hours per week during fall semester and full-time during spring semester).

The first cohort for LUTE-STEM will begin in fall 2020. Accepted residents are expected to be on track to complete their master’s course of study; qualify for a NYSED teaching certificate by completing all required assessments and workshops; and earn a computer science education micro-credential by the end of the summer following the residency.

For more information about TQP LUTE-STEM, feel free to send an email to

You may also contact Mr. Alderson Magloire, LUTE-STEM Project Director at 347-541-7046 or via email at