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Languages and Literature at Lehman College


For Advising information while the Department is working remotely, see the Advising page.

From the Chair, Daniel Fernández

Daniel R. FernándezThe Department of Languages and Literatures offers a variety of courses in French, Greek, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish. Courses in Arabic and Chinese are offered off campus as part of the Lehman-Manhattan College Language Consortium. The Department also offers courses in literature and culture conducted in English, some of which satisfy the distribution requirement. In addition, a special Spanish-language sequence is offered for heritage speakers of Spanish to enable them to preserve and enhance their knowledge of Spanish. The Department also participates in the interdisciplinary programs in Comparative Literature, Latin American and Latino Studies, Linguistics, and Multilingual Journalism. For students majoring in fields with international or global goals, the department offers courses in phonetics, business, translation, reading in the arts and sciences, journalistic writing and health professions. Get more information about the Courses.