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Disability Studies Program at Lehman College

How to Reach Out for Advising in Disability Studies

The Disability Studies program will be conducting online advising using telephone, text, email and online meeting platforms. For advising, please:

1) Send a text with your name and EMPL ID number to (929) 377-7080.
2) Leave a voice message with your preferred phone number, name and EMPL ID at (718) 960-7111.
3) Send an email with your name and EMPL ID number to Prof. Julie Maybee.

Prof. Maybee will return your message as soon as possible during regular business hours. If you would like to schedule an online meeting for advising, she will work with you to find a time to meet online.

2021 Graduation Celebration

To view a video slide show of the Department of Philosophy's 2021 Graduation Celebration, which includes the presentation of graduates in Disability Studies, please go the Department of Philosophy webpage. A video of the message delivered on behalf of Disability Studies students by Jene Smith ('21) is below.

From the Program Coordinator, Dr. Julie Maybee

Disability Studies offers a unique, holistic and interdisciplinary approach to disability issues that is focused on the experiences of people with disabilities as they work toward full participation in society. The Minor in Disability Studies is particularly valuable for those students who are majoring in fields which may lead to employment in service professions—majors such as Health Education and Promotion, Health Services Administration, Nursing, Recreation Education (especially Therapeutic Recreation), Social Work, Sociology, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, and Psychology.

The discipline of Disability Studies has its roots in the Independent Living movements and disability activism that grew up in the 1970s in Britain and the United States as part of the international, political movement toward increased civil rights. Read More...

Coordinator: Julie E. Maybee 
Room: Carman 361

Steering Committee

Degree Requirements

Students must take four courses (12-13 credits) to complete the Minor in Disability Studies: any three DST courses and one course chosen from a list of electives. For a complete description of the minor requirements and the list of DST courses and electives, please visit our Degree Requirements page in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Ready to Sign Up for the Minor?

1) Use the Lehman Logins page to sign into Lehman 360 using your Lehman credentials (not your CUNYFirst credentials).

2) Select "iDeclare" on the blue menu on the left side of the screen and then "Form." Follow the directions on the following screens.

3) When you are prompted to select the "department," select "Philosophy." Then select the "Disability Studies" minor.