Bookstore (Virtual/Closed to Visitors)

The Lehman College Bookstore will remain online through the Fall 2020 semester and will remain closed to all campus visitors, including students and faculty.

Follett, the contracted party that runs the bookstore, follows its own developed COVID-19 Safety Procedures to train Follett (not Lehman College) staff and ensure the campus store is healthy and safe environment. 

Textbook and Materials Delivery

Students’ required textbooks and materials for courses are ready for delivery. Textbooks are available in several formats, including rental and digital. Visit the College Bookstore website.

Rental Book Information

To rent your books, visit the Bookstore website, and click Sign In in the upper right corner. (if you never logged into your rental account, click Forgot Password.)

Instructions on How to Print a Shipping Label


Phone: 718-960-8144
Customer Service: 

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