Tyler's Story, Continued

Don't mess with me!
I love to dress up...
and you never know when a pirate might come in handy!
Well, guess what. I didn't have Lyme disease. I had a lot of blood tests that I did not like at all, and the tests said that I had a type of cancer called neuroblastoma. That's the sort of problem that you just have to get rid of, and so I did, but it took a very long time. Eight whole months of getting very strong medicines! When I was in the hospital (I had to go again to get some of the medicine), the part that I didn't like the most was having a foley tube. A foley is a long skinny tube that gets put into a person's bladder to let the urine come out. Do you know what urine is? Anyway, this foley tube (it's also called a catheter) doesn't bother most people very much, but it sure bothered me! 

Some parts of the hospital were fun, of course, like going to the playroom. That was good. If you haven't been to a hospital before, you might want to take a tour so that you won't be afraid if you ever have to go to get better.

Finally, I'm home!
Want to come over to play?

Well, now I'm home, and you should see what I have under my bed! Bunches and bunches of medical supplies from when I was sick. It really helped me to bring home this hospital equipment, because I could play with it over and over again until I figured everything out for myself. Here's what I did. I operated on my Dad a lot, and I gave injections to most anyone who came to visit. I'll tell you, it's a whole lot better to give them than it is to get them, but you KNOW that already, don't you? 

I missed almost a whole year of school while I was getting better, and it was very hard for me to go back. I hope that if you know any kids who have medical problems, you'll be real nice to them.

 The End

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