Department of Biological Sciences

Message from the Chair, Dr. Liesl Jones

Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences!  Having arrived at this page, I assume you have an interest in biology or are wondering whether you should major in biology.  Our website was designed to help you make an informative choice about your career and achieve your academic goals so please take a moment to explore the site. 

Biology is the study of life with many sub disciplines including ecology, evolution, zoology, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics.  It is through recent advances in biological research that we have become more knowledgeable about ourselves and other living organisms on earth.  New technological tools have made it possible for biologists to find solutions that impact our daily lives such as cures for diseases, environmental pollution, and loss of biodiversity.  Biology is an exciting field of study that would prepare you for a range of careers where you can make a difference.

We provide opportunities for education and research that span the breadth of biological sciences for training at the undergraduate and master's, levels. While the mission of our department is to provide you with a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary education in biological sciences, our faculty and staff are prepared to help you meet your career goals.  With a degree in biology or by combining biology with related degrees, you can seek jobs in government, industry, health care, agriculture, marketing, publishing, education, computer science, and research.  With additional training you can also pursue careers in medicine and law.

I welcome you to explore our website and learn more about the Department of Biological Sciences by watching the video of our faculty and students’ research, browsing the images of our state-of-the art facilities for research and student training, and familiarizing yourself with our program of studies.  If you choose to major in biology, I recommend that you seek advisement early in your academic career.  Please visit our undergraduate advising site for more information.



Last modified: Oct 21, 2014

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