A postmaster invented the name for this west central Bronx neighborhood in the mid-nineteenth century, alluding to three estates (Fairmount, Mount Eden, and Mount Hope) that were located here. Served by an east-west streetcar running between the north-south elevated and railroad lines, Tremont developed earlier than many neighboring sections. Its stature was confirmed when the municipal building of what was about to become the Borough of the Bronx opened, in 1897, at East Tremont and Park Avenues. Tremont's decline was equally rapid. In the 1950s, the Cross Bronx Expressway cut across the neighborhood just south of East Tremont Avenue, detaching it from Claremont and Crotona. In the 70s an imaginative set of "scatter-site" residences, called the "Twin Parks" project, helped to stitch Tremont together again.

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