(1890-1959) was born in Nashville, TN and at age 7 won first place for a bust of her father at the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. By age 15, the Art Institute of Chicago recognized her talent and she was awarded a scholarship there. In 1907 Kinney received her first commission to sculpt the statue of Jere Baxter, organizer of the Tennessee Central Railroad. Kinney later won a competition that allowed her to design the monument Confederate Women (1926). In 1925, Kinney completed work on The Bronx County War Memorial, a Corinthian column surmounted by a marble and bronze statue. She and her husband, sculptor Leopold Scholz, designed Victory Statue (1929) in the War Memorial Building court at Legislative Plaza, Nashville, TN. In 1933 Kinney and her husband created the bronze figure of Victory for the World War I Memorial in Pelham Bay Park. Statues of Andrew Jackson and Tennessee's first governor, John Sevier, stand in the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. The statue of Richard Owen, which stands in the Indiana State Capitol, is also ascribed to Belle Kinney. Belle Kinney died in Boiceville, Ulster County, New York.

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