Born in 1917, Milton Hebald who is notably a NewYorker, has lived and worked near Rome, in Bracciano, Italy for the past fifty years, since winning the Prix-de-Rome at the American Academy in Rome in 1953. He is the youngest student to attend the Art Students' League in New York City.  Hebald’s first shows of wood and plaster figurative works was in 1938 in New York City at the ACA Galleries. He has been represented by the Harmon-Meek Gallery since 1969 and has had eight solo exhibitions since 1978. Hebald created 23 public monuments for his native New York including two 7-foot bronzes of The Tempest and Romeo & Juliet, which can be found outside the Delacorte Shakespeare Theatre in New York’s Central Park. Hebald’s style is contemporary baroque often using swirling articles of clothing or veils around nude male and female forms in repose, dancing, or embracing. Almost all of his bronzes have been created in editions of 10 or fewer.

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