Intervale Avenue
and 163rd Street

Michael Kelly Williams
The El #2 and The El #5, 1992
2 glass mosaics,
7' x 3' 10" and 4' x 5'
MTA Arts for Transit

Michael Kelly William's mosaics, The El #2 and The El #5 (1992) at the Intervale subway station, draw their imagery from the experience of the elevated train - the movement, the sound, and the sense of time, as well as the visual cityscape and lights. The improvisational rhythms of jazz are also a source for the work. The subway mosaics are based on monoprints that combine the viscosity technique and collage. Williams uses discarded litho plates, as well as metal sheets that he often finds on the street. He engraves, bends, and punches the metal to create his abstracted city views.

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