Webster Avenue and
East 202nd Street

Anton Van Dalen
Garden Path, 2000
7 3/4' x 108', porcelain enamel
The Flying Book, 2000
4' x 66', painted plywood mural
New York City Board of Education Percent for Art Program


Anton Van Dalen invites the students of P.S. 20 to explore the natural world and make visual connections to the nearby New York Botanical Garden. Long friezes mark the approach to the cafeteria as well as its interior. Stencil-like plant shapes, placed against brightly-colored backgrounds, read like logos-bold, reductive and symbolic. A mural, located in the library, depicts playful designs of birds which have the attributes of cars, planes, and clocks. Van Dalen has described the imagery as conveying "a belief in the continuity of life and the survival of the planet."

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