167th Street and
River Avenue

Carol Sun
A Bronx Reflection, 2007
Faceted glass in
passageway windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit

As one waits on the subway platform at 167th street, colorful faceted glass windows line the east walkway. Created by artist Carol Sun, they represent a metaphorical reflection of the Bronx within a heroic time-scape comprised of the past, present and future. The panels combine radiant outdoor urban life with the calm, simple pleasures that are experienced in the home and community.

A Bronx Reflection
is based on the artist’s personal experiences from living in the Bronx as a child. She fondly recalls the small daily treasures—eating candy from the penny candy store, exploring the many parks, riding her bicycle through the streets, marveling at vast sunrises and sunsets, summers at Orchard Beach, walking through the New York Botanical Gardens with her father, indulging in sweet ice cream sundaes on Fordham Road, and the excitement of school trips to the Bronx Zoo. 

Scenes from some of her recollections are captured on these vibrant panels. The day is just beginning and a warm cup of coffee sits on the kitchen table. Outside in the breeze, ubiquitous sparrows playfully flutter and build their nests while the school bus waits for students. Next to the apartment building the quiet basketball court promises afternoon games. These are not just bustling experiences of the inner city, but the equally valuable notes struck by the more tranquil family life that defines much of the Bronx.  As the commuter passes these panels each day, the images will evoke strength and inspiration from their depictions of a sweet and simple life.

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