800 Concourse
Village East

Therman Statom
Luz (Light), 2001, Fiberglass, terrazzo, aluminium and glass
Architect: Castro-Blanco,
Piscioneri & Associates
Department of Design
and Construction
Agency for Child Development
Percent for Art Program

Located in the lobby of the Children's Pride Day Care Center (known as the Concourse Village East Day Care Center, when the piece was commissioned), Therman Statom's installation, Luz, consists of two parts: an expansive terrazzo floor and a huge metal and glass sculpture that hangs from the ceiling. The floor is inlaid with green-leaf shapes while the sculpture resembles a large-scale child's mobile, the elements of which include a fiberglass painted moon, a copper cone shape, metal painted leaves, and a clear glasshouse.

(Please contact the center before visiting)

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