176th Street and
Jerome Avenue

Juan Sánchez
Reaching out for each other
2006, faceted glass in
platform windscreens and mezzanine windows
MTA Arts for Transit


Reaching Out for Each Other depicts human hands reaching out toward each other conveying a spirit of reaching and striving. This series of faceted glass windscreens and windows brings light and color to the 176th street station. Hands of different colors with fingers spread, are the central images of each panel and symbolize communicating through a universal language. 

The artist, Juan Sánchez, began this work by photographing hands and digitally converting them into colorful silhouettes against contrasting color backgrounds. From digital laser prints, he cut and tore pieces to create a series of mixed media collages. Sánchez explains his concept for the work, "The challenge was to create simple, direct, and consistent works for an urban train station.  I wanted the artwork to be attractive and stimulating with much meaning and life. I wanted my art to visually convey people reaching and striving."

As commuters wait for their next train to arrive, these colorful and dynamic glassworks transmit pleasure and joy, and the simple human need to communicate.



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