Fordham Road and
Jerome Avenue

Moses Ros
Patriasana, Wholesomeland
2005, faceted / laminated glass
in mezzanine windows

In Patriasana, Wholesomeland, figures dance in a joyful frieze across the Fordham Road Station, their brilliant colors and undulating forms evoking the vibrant nature of Fordham Road, a shopping mecca for the Bronx. The figures’ shaped background panels represent basic everyday items sold in the shops on Fordham Road—an umbrella, a hat, a coat, boots, pants, and gloves. The border between the panels and the rectangular window edge is made of translucent glass, allowing the background colors of Fordham Road to provide a muted backdrop.

In describing the glass panels, artist Moses Ros explains, “Their energy is inspired by the brilliant colors, music, and dance of the Caribbean - the essence of life itself."  Commuters passing through this station are energized by these joyful images.

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