560 Brook Avenue at
Westchester Avenue

Tim Rollins + K.O.S.
Murals and Sculptures, 2001
bronze statue and 3 paintings
Lobby (paintings) and Inner Courtyard (sculpture)
New York City Board of Education
Percent for Art Program
Department of Juvenile Justice

The Greek epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey, served as inspiration for the series of works Murals and Sculptures. The theme revolves around one of introspection...that is, to see within oneself what led to the present situation and ways to overcome challenges in daily life. The sculpture at the inner courtyard portrays the characters of Achilles and Odysseus. The sculptures are represented as two similar figures, dressed in contemporary clothes and reading books with quotes pertaining to each. It can be said that they embody two different sides of the human psyche-one able to overcome adversity while the other is consumed by its own rage. The reading of books might suggest the idea that knowledge is empowering and that these individuals are seeking empowerment through learning. The paintings in the lobby depict a shield, a series of wings, and the impression of everyday people glued onto pages torn from The Odyssey. They appear to also ask the viewer to take a different perspective on life and to gain hope.

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