183rd Street and
Jerome Avenue

José Ortiz
Many Trails, 2006
Faceted glass in platform windshields
MTA Arts for Transit


Using architecture and landmarks, this faceted glass series of windscreens depicts the cultural and historical perspective of the area, which is known as the University Heights section of the Bronx. Many Trails represents the multiculturalism of this area from the time when Native Americans inhabited the land through today's immigrant population.

Images in this glass artwork show the area where the Siwanoy Nation, a branch of the Mohicans, resided before 1693. The artist, José Ortiz, has incorporated the "Many Trails" symbol used by the Mohicans to symbolize the many moves they had to endure throughout their history. Images also depict the first settlement of Europeans in this locale. Through the use of architecture and landmarks several panels represent the vicinity surrounding the 183rd Street Station and the era of it's founding.

Many Trails
references train travel and finding one’s way by connecting the modern commuter to the historical perspective of people from all walks of life and varied cultures who have found their way to this place in the Bronx.

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