Kingsbridge Road
and Jerome Avenue

Mario Muller
Urban Motif, 2007
Laminated glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit

Mario M. Muller’s glass artwork, Urban Motif, is installed at the Kingsbridge Road Station located in a diverse and vibrant neighborhood.  The installation of four three-panel works reflects the passage of time in silhouettes and shadows, and evokes the fluid and mercurial magic of the station’s urban crossroads.

Images of groups of people reflect the weather—summer (shorts/skirts) and  winter (coats/hats), signifying the hot and cold characteristics of New York City, while the length of shadows also indicates different times of the year. Clusters of people crowd each of the panels, which act as fictional windows to the vitality of the sidewalk below. The layers of glass are laminated and an iridescent quality is achieved as the viewer moves past the artworks. 

The images on the panels convey the humanity and individuality of the people we travel with each day.  Muller explains that commuters can “interact with the glass windscreen panels close up from the platform where commuters stand and wait for their trains as well as from across the tracks.”

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