232nd Street and
Kingsbridge Avenue

Justen Ladda
Mosaic Installations, 1991
4 drinking fountains: ceramic tile and mosaic installation 84" x 32"
2 sculptures: mosaics, painted bronze, 16' 5" x 20' 5/8" x 7"
and 16'5" x 16' 25" x 7"
New York City Board of Education
Percent for Art Program



Justen Ladda's project at P.S. 7 touches all aspects of design and spans two floors at P.S. 7. It includes the color scheme for tiles in the halls, bathrooms, and stairwell, as well as the mosaic designs surrounding the water fountains and two small sculptures. A delicate painted bronze castle, modeled after the baroque German castle Neuschwanstein which served as the inspiration for the Disney World emblem, is inset in the wall of a corridor. A figure of an astronaut is recessed in a niche in the other corridor wall. Together they provide a reference to a fairy tale past and an icon of the future. Drinking fountain designs based on waterscapes-seaside caves and waterfalls-offer storybook pictures that have been translated into colorful cut stone. The work at P.S. 7 is Justen Ladda's first permanent public project and won the 1992 Art Commission Award for Excellence in Design.

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