118 Grand Concourse (between McClelland St.
and East 166th Street)

Vitaly Komar and
Alexander Melamid
Liberty as Justice and Justice 1998, 2 oil on canvas
murals, 6' x 8'
Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program
Office of Court Administration,
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and the Department of General Services

Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid's two paintings for the Housing Court, Liberty as Justice and Justice, blend the iconography of the Statue of Liberty with the allegorical figure of Justice. These allegorical works have their source in the New York State seal which includes a globe and eagle flanked by the figures of Liberty and Justice. The artists, known for their use of social realism as a vehicle for conceptual irony, see this work in the tradition of Jasper John's Flags and Andy Warhol's Maos and Hammers and Sickles.

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