Independence Avenue
at West 227th Street


Karl Bitter and
Karl Heinrich Gruppe


Henry Hudson Memorial Column 1909-1939
Begun by Bitter, 1909; completed by Karl Heinrich Gruppe, 1938
bronze and granite 100'
Doric column surmounted
by a 16' bronze statue
City of New York
Parks and Recreation


One of the most conspicuous monuments in the Bronx is the Henry Hudson Memorial, a 100-foot-high Doric column surmounted by a 16-foot standing figure of the Dutch explorer. It is located in Riverdale, near the river which bears his name. The twice life-size statue of the explorer surveys the Hudson River from a column on a high bluff. It was originally commissioned in 1909 at the time of the tricentennial of Hudson's first voyage up the river on his ship the Half Moon. However, it was not installed until the 1930s. Its first designer was the American Renaissance sculptor Karl Bitter who died in 1915 before completing the final model. It was finished by his student, Karl Gruppe, in 1939 after Mayor Fiorello La Guardia encouraged its completion.

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