The City University
of New York

250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
(Goulden Avenue, Gate 5)

Wopo Holup
Intersections, 2003
bronze sculpture, inscribed bluestone, and pavers along walkway and plaza
Dormitory Authority
State of New York

Wopo Holup's Intersections, located at Lehman College Communication Station walkway and plaza, is an interactive installation that draws on the interplay of ideas from academic disciplines represented at the college. Faculty and staff were invited to collaborate by contributing ideas, artwork, and quoatations relevant to their fields. The range of offerings is historically broad from ancient cave drawings to the first few bars of the musical score of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring. The contributions include mathematical equations and chemical formulas. Quotations range from Shakespeare to Desmond Tutu. At the entrance to the walkway a bronze owl, a symbol of enlightenment, perches on the wall. Other owls, silhouetted in the pavers and inlaid in bronze, appear to cast shadows over the walkway. The words and images are grouped around six main themes: The Heavens, I, We, Words, Time, and Opposition. Quotations intersect bringing together a dialogue.

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