Freeman Street and
Southern Boulevard

Daniel Hauben
The El, 2007
Faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Art for Transit


The faceted glass windscreens at the Freeman Street Station depict a scene of a Bronx street that lies beneath the immense structure of the “El.”  The artist, Daniel Hauben, is a Bronx resident who is inspired by the unique character of the borough.

The El
is filled with images of street vendors selling fruits and vegetables, mothers holding children’s hands as they cross the street under the elevated tracks, and neighbors greeting each other at the foot of the stairs leading to the train station’s platform. The colorful glass reflects a bright blue sky with sun filtering through the train tracks from above. All of this is translated into faceted glass through composition, pattern, light, darkness, and movement.  Hauben commented, that as one "looks down a long street topped by the receding concentric pattern of the elevated structure, one has a feeling of both great depth and the sprawling vastness of the city."

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