Mosholu Parkway
and Jerome Avenue

Corinne Grondahl
Metromorphosis /
Birth of a Station
, 2006
Fused glass in platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transi


The glass windscreens at the Mosholu Parkway Station evoke the original Algonquin meaning of “Mosholu”—smooth stones, which are created by river water flowing over rocks. This is the inspiration for Metromorphosis / Birth of a Station, which speaks to the flow of humanity through this station. 

Artist Corinne Grondahl created this work in fused glass, with fourteen panels built into the windscreens on each platform. The northbound side is named Metromorphosis and the southbound side, Birth of a Station. “Metromorphosis” alludes to the vascular system of the heart and arteries, which is similar to the subway system, essentially the lifeblood of the city. The side panels represent the arteries and the middle panel, Mosholu Parkway station. The panels are composed of swirling energetic forms, suggesting movement and transition. They stretch beyond the parameters of the framing in all directions.

The vibrant reds and blues can be seen from inside and outside of the station, providing a beacon of beauty at this centrally located station in the Bronx.

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