Woodlawn Avenue
and Jerome Avenue

Josie González Albright
Children at Play, 2005
Faceted glass in
mezzanine windows
MTA Arts for Transit

The large amount of park area that surrounds this train station provided much of the visual inspiration for this series of faceted glass windows.  The faceted glass windows at the Woodlawn Avenue Station are filled with silhouetted figures of children moving through space as they play in parks, stopping to observe, spinning, crouching, sliding, and running. 

Artist, Josie González Albright uses clear glass to capture the transparent quality of the children’s figures, and jewel tones to take advantage of the luminous quality of the glass. Speaking of the work she says, "The scale of the children—to each other and the space that they're in—fills the frame with flowing colors that swirl around them. The effect is that they 'move through the colors' of their environment. Warm shadows are created from the placement of glass crystals that are fused over the glass, which gives...a bubbly, raised texture. Lots of clear glass allows for light from adjacent colored glass pieces to spill over and create new color combinations throughout the day."

Travelers passing through this station will be reminded that the Bronx is a borough of families whose children play happily in the parks of this busy urban area.

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