965 Longwood Avenue
at Kelly Street Park

Anne Finkelstein
Line of Sight, 1987
enamel paint on brick wall mural Bronx Council of the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, Community Arts Development Program, Department of Housing Urban Development, Community Development Grant Program


Anne Finkelstein's mural Line of Sight embraces two large walls of the building linked together by a lower middle wall. This unusual format sets the stage for a mural depicting architectural elements and scenes from the South Bronx in a simplified yet recognizable way. Finkelstein matches the geometry of the urban city structure to the geometry of the building, linking the concepts of a smaller unit to the concept of a larger, much wider setting. Finkelstein conveys the geometry of urban life in the city to the structure of the existing building in a painterly and metaphorical way. The city is depicted as a landscape with empty streets and vacant buildings and rooms. It is in sharp contrast to the vibrant activity of the neighborhood.

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