174th Street and
Southern Boulevard

Daniel Del Valle
A Trip Up The Bronx River, 2004 faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit

Images on these faceted glass windscreens represent a group of people taking a canoe ride up the Bronx River, visiting famous sites like the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Gardens, and passing through Bronx neighborhoods. Also represented are events that have become traditions in the Bronx such as the Golden Ball Festival. People are depicted making masks, drawing outdoors, planting trees, and cleaning up the environment. 

Not everyone can take a canoe trip on the river to see these sites, but they can ride the #2 and #5 trains to travel to these locations. Glass panels at the 174th Street Station contain bright, colorful, graphic floral motifs for the niches that are situated on the outside of the train platform. They remind the daily traveler of the simple reflections of nature that surround us. 

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