219th Street and
White Plains Road

Joseph D'Alesandro
Homage, 2006
faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit

Just as a train station is filled with people, so too is the faceted glasswork at the 219th Street Station. Silhouettes of people are expressively rendered by artist, Joseph d’Alesandro, to commu- nicate a variety of emotions and feelings. Simultaneously, colors are used as a complement to a series of patterns created by the repetition of geometric shapes that form the background of the work, distinguishing the foreground from the background.

Color is the most stimulating component of everything we see. The shapes of figures in this work are created in colors that convey culture, nationality, ethnicity and individuality. These glass panels honor the people of the city in vibrant colors representing the vitality of the people who are constantly moving forward through this train station.  

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