238th Street
Nereid Avenue and White Plains Road

Noel Copeland
Leaf of Life, 2006
faceted glass windscreens
Mta Arts for Transit

Leaf of Life
is a faceted glass installation at the train station located near the famous Bissel Gardens.  Founded in 1993, this community garden provides orga- nic vegetables for organizations such as City Harvests, New York City Charity, and Senior Centers.  The garden serves as an education center for adults and children as well as a resource center for the Parks Department and Operation Green Thumb. 

The artist, Noel Copeland, has designed this glasswork to celebrate the abundance of flora and fauna in the Bronx and to honor the parks and gardens within the area, such as the Bronx Botanical Garden, the Bissel Gardens, local community gardens, and the Bronx Zoo. These radiant faceted glass panels recreate the organic forms and structure found in nature, transforming the station for travelers arriving at and departing from this urban area.

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