East Treamont Ave.
at 177th Street

Naomi Campbell
Animal Tracks, 2005
faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit

This faceted glass installation at the West Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue station is located near the world famous Bronx Zoo.  The artist, Naomi Campbell, has drawn on her memories of visiting the zoo as a child and her background in art and animal sciences.  She transforms the environment completely by bringing the idea of an oasis up onto the station platform.  Going back to her old sketchbooks filled with an assortment of animals in all kinds of shapes and poses is what provided the starting point for this fiesta of animals. 

Naomi Campbell's fourteen panels feature animals in a variety of postures and settings. Complex compositions with layers of color and texture place the animals in lush settings and depict an urban jungle. Using the animals and abstraction of shapes, Campbell creates a new world for the aboveground platform. Her vivid colors and shapes create a kinetic movement, giving emotional depth and sculptural quality to the otherwise flat medium of glasswork. The idea of bridges marks her work here. Campbell explains that she is “bridging community, global and interpersonal bridges through a labyrinth of environments formed in glass and touched by the nature of the sun.”

Animal Tracks
serves as a reminder of animals and the natural world for travelers passing through this busy urban train station.

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