Mt. Eden Avenue
and Jerome Avenue

Amir Bey
The Procession of Folk, No. 3 2006, faceted glass in
platform windscreens
MTA Arts for Transit


Based on the artist, Amir Bey’s ongoing series of etchings on copper, The Procession of Folk is dedicated to a vision of humanity’s collective movements. The key component of this work is the human face. It suggests the notion of people as waves and streams, whose movements can be seen as processes of social evolution. 

The artist says, "The identity of each face is specific, never to be repeated, even over thousands of generations, like the delicate changes of any flower's colors and shapes.” The identity of each face is unique and describes the characteristics of an individual. Yet, because the vast vocabulary of expressions of the face is universally understood, the face is both personal and communal.

is meant to speak to all riders passing through the currents of daily public movement who will interpret these images, each in their own way.


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