1434 Longfellow Ave.

Romare Bearden
Untitled, 1974
ceramic tile mural 348" x 96" Entrance lobby of the
Board of Education

Romare Bearden created a thirty foot long and eight foot high semi-abstract mural for P. 811x (District 75) Center for Multiply Handi-capped Children, in 1974. This three-part ceramic tile work includes a large-scale map of Puerto Rico on the left and an image of the continent of Africa on the right. In between is a panel with city buildings silhouetted beneath an open book. On the pages of the book are the profiles of two young men as illustrations. This book, centrally placed in the design, alludes to learning and the bonds between Caribbean and African cultures. The mural represents the ideals of this Bronx school as a multiethnic community dedicated to education.

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