The City University
of New York

250 Bedford Park Blvd. West

Ronald Baron
My Time is Now,1993
bronze, aluminum and stainless steel sculpture, 144" high
APEX, Lehman College Athletic Facility, Dormitory Authority,
State of New York

Ronald Baron's sculpture, My Time is Now, located at the Bedford Park entrance to the APEX, Lehman College's athletic facility, announces the function of the building with irony and humor. A large trophy cup - made of many objects, including basketballs, baseballs, tennis balls, weights, college yearbooks, plaques, soccer shoes and a softball mitt - connects the sculpture to the history of the college and to the activities of the building. The work has been cast from actual objects in bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel using the traditional lost wax technique, as well as direct burnout. The work is a conceptualization of the interaction of academic and physical education, symbolically the relationship between the mind and the body. The bowl of the sculpture is a lacy structure created by hundreds of tiny trophy figures representing awards for a range of athletic events. The colored patinas and textures replicate those of the original objects.

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